Important MCQ Thomas Hardy Part 2

Important MCQ Thomas Hardy Part 2

16- Who are the hero and heroine of the novel Jude the Obscure?

(a)- Farefree and Elizabeth

(b)- Lucetta and Henchard

(c)- Susan and Jude

(d)- Jude Fawley and Sue Bridehead*

17- Dick Dewy and Fancy Day appear in:

(a)- Under the Greenwood Tree*

(b)- A Pair of Blue Eyes

(c)- Far From The Madding Crowd

(d)- None of these

18- Bathsheba is the heroine of:

(a)- Desperate Remedies

(b)- Far From The Madding Crowd*

(c)- A pair of Blue Eyes

(d)- None of these

19- In the end of the novel, Bathsheba fell in love with Sergeant Troy and married him. But he deserts her. There is one lover named Boldwood who murdered Troy. With whom finally does she marry?

(a)- Gabriel Oak*

(b)- Henchard

(c)- Jude

(d)- None of these

20- Tess falls in love with Angel Clare who wants to marry her. She wants to tell about the sin before marriage. What does she do?

(a)- She writes a letter of confession*     

(b)- She communicates this over phone

(c)- She confesses before him

(d)- None of these

21- Jude the Obscure had been very controversial novel. Hardy gave up novel writing on account of hostile reception. Finally he took shelter in:

(a)- Poetry*

(b)- Drama

(c)- Short Story

(d)- None of these

22- Egdon Heath becomes a part of the conflict, patent and variable as a human character. In which novel does it appear?

(a)- The Mayor of Casterbridge

(b)- The Return of the Native*

(c)- Jude the Obscure

(d)- None of these

23- Who returns to Egdon Heath and decides to become a schoolmaster?

(a)- Henchard

(b)- Farfrae

(c)- Clym Yeobright*

(d)- Gabriel Oak

24- Who wants to marry Thomasin in the novel The Return of the Native?

(a)- Diggory Venn, the reddleman*

(b)- Damon Wildeve

(c)- Clym Yeobright

(d)- None of these

25- Who brings a gold finch at marriage of Elizabeth Jane in the novel The Mayor of Casterbridge?

(a)- Henchard*

(b)- Farfrae

(c)- Abel Whittle

(d)- None of these

26- “Done because we are too many” The famous line appears in:

(a)- A Pair of Blue Eyes

(b)- Desperate Remedies

(c)- Jude the Obscure*

(d)- None of these

27- The wealthy widow in The Wood Landers is:

(a)- Grace Melbury

(b)- Lucetta

(c)- Felice Charmond*

(d)- None of these

28- Tess is arrested on the charge of murder and is ultimately sentenced to death. Whom does she kill?

(a)- Abel

(b)- Oak

(c)- Alec*

(d)- None of these

29- Jude falls in love with a woman of animal passion. Who is she?

(a)- Sue Bridehood

(b)- Bathsheba

(c)- Arabella Donn*

(d)- None of these

30- Whose daughter is Tess?

(a)- Henchard

(b)- Jude

(c)- John Durbyfield*

(d)- None of these

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