20 Important Questions about Wordsworth

One-liner Questions about William Wordsworth

Ans- The Prelude

2- When was Lyrical Ballads, with a few other poems published?

Ans- In 1798

3- When was Lyrical Ballads, with other poems published?

Ans- In 1800

4- What was the subject matter of Wordsworth’s poetry?

Ans- Humble and rustic folk

5- Which type of language did Wordsworth use in his poetry?

Ans- Simple and natural language, really used by man

6- Who described good poetry as ‘the spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling’?

Ans- William Wordsworth

7- Who described the end of poetry as ‘produce excitement in coexistence with an overbalance of pleasure’?

Ans- Wordsworth

8- Who described poet as ‘A man speaking to men’?

Ans- Wordsworth

9- Who described poet as ‘Endowed with more lively sensibility, more enthusiasm and tenderness’?

Ans- Wordsworth

10- “He/she has a greater knowledge of human nature and a more comprehensive soul, than one supposed to be common among mankind” Who said this and about whom?

Ans- Wordsworth, about a poet

11- “Who described the different stages of Wordsworth’s theory of poetic creation?

Ans- Dr. William Tarvin

12- How many stages did Dr. William Tarvin describe about Wordsworth theory of poetic creation?

Ans- 3 stages

  • Powerful feeling
  • Tranquil assessment
  • A recreation of the powerful feeling in his mind, the poet is ready to write

Ans- 3 stages

14- Where did Wordsworth elaborate his poetic theory?

Ans- In the Preface to the Lyrical Ballads

15- Which work of Coleridge contains great literary criticism?

Ans- Biographia Literaria

16- Whose poetry was in search of sublime moments, as well as beauty in the lives of simple rural people?

Ans- Wordsworth’s  poetry

17- When was The Prelude begun?

Ans- In 1799

18- Which work of S. T. Coleridge’s contained an analysis of a broad range of philosophical life?

Ans- Biographia Literaria

19- When was The Prelude completed?

Ans- In 1850

20- When was The Prelude published?

Ans- In 1850, after his death

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